Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~


~  Spinning thoughts and tales as we stay connected on the journey.

Connections to family, friends, and writers from a beautiful spot on the west coast of British Columbia and when the sun is shining, there is no other place.

The eldest of the second family, I look after our mother who is in a long-term care facility.  This BLOG was to be a way for  family and those who live further a field, to stay in touch.  Mom is 94, confined to a wheelchair and almost blind from glaucoma, she loves the family visits.   Unfortunately,  as families go, life is busy, visits are few.

Someone said, “Set up a visit schedule.”  Yeah, that will work.  Did I mention I have a family, a job, a house and yard to tend, some creative projects on the go, a pile of laundry, a pile of ironing, and on it goes, just like the rest of you.   Now,  it is a journal, of sorts.   I have very dear friends in other countries.  This is our way to connect.  I read their journals and they read mine, as well as the rest of the world.  Oh, a few favourite writing sites too.

Stay connected.


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