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Last Day….

It’s the last day and what have I learned?  I thought it was the same song, same verse, stuck in neutral with plans to move forward, exactly how I felt last year on this day.  But…I changed my mind.  Everywhere there is the year in review playing the good and the bad.  I’ve decided not to review the bad, only the good.  The good to surpass everything: a new dog, Marlowe, who lives with #1 Son & DIL   and the birth of a darling baby girl for parents #2 Son and DIL.  Our sweet grand-daughter, Gray is a beauty with a full head of hair, a serious countenance and smile to melt the coldest of hearts.

Mom had several downward spirals.  My family, as always, the best.  Old friends, new friends;  loved and  appreciated.  Trips to Tahiti, Portland and New York City.  Three writing conferences.   My friend, Pam and I roomed together in NYC.    Met favourite authors: Robyn Carr and Jenny Crusie.  Loved Jennifer’s collage workshop and Michael Hauge is always excellent.  Three UBC creative writing classes.   Ten pounds up and ten pounds down.  A 40th high school reunion which turned out to be great fun and the only reunion I’ve ever attended.   An in-law health crisis.  Traveled by train to Portland, Eugene and San Francisco.  Met Julie.  Rode the Golden Gate Bridge on my best birthday ever according to the Big Guy.   AND… one  beautiful baby granddaughter.   A very good year.

My year in review.

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Hoping this coming year brings many blessings and much love to your life.

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay warm.


It’s quick…

So was it food poisoning or the dreaded Norwalk?  Same symptoms according to the Nurse Hotline. I am assuming the very rapid walk through the halls to visit Mama on Friday afternoon was all it took.  Mama is fine.  No symptoms.  I promised I would visit her in two days.  Sadly I have disappointed her and cannot visit until New Years Day.   Feeling like I have abandoned her on Christmas, much like the rest of her children who do not visit.  Life does suck at times.

On the other hand, half the family spend the day together, the other half worried about their little one and did not come. Norwalk is very contagious up to seventy-two hours.  We will have two Christmas celebrations. So…it was a very quiet, full of laughter celebration with eldest son, wife and Marlowe, the wonder dog.  He loves visiting our house, bounds out of the car and waits for the door to open.  He knows he gets treats and kisses.  I think we should have a dog again.  Perhaps this coming year.  Hope your Christmas day was full of family cheer and love.  Looking forward to a wonderful 2012.  Stay warm, safe and very much-loved.

Very tardy, but I’m writing…

Where have I been for over a month? Right here.  Busy with life.  Last week I finished another eight weeks of Creative Writing at UBC.  Again, with my favourite instructor Stephanie and a group of wonderful women writers.  Alas, no men writers joined us.  We missed them.  They add to our little group as well as entertain us.  Two new writers added to the group of seven.  We had fun writing, reading each others’ submissions, critiquing, brain storming and, of course, eating tasty treats at coffee break.  I will post my postcard story in a few days.  As Stephanie said, “this is chapter one of a novel.”  Hmm….that will be the start of  third novel.  Unfortunately novel #1 and novel #2 are not finished.  I did submit the first chapter of novel #2, a re-write of the first chapter and an opening scene for chapter two.  Very well received and excellent comments.

If only I were independently wealthy, I could write all day and hire someone else to do my job.  Ah, dream on dreamer.  Stay safe and warm.

A sort-of bucket list…

Apparently I have one, a bucket list.  There are things I should do before I die according to the Big Guy.    I have more  “I should do that” or “That would be fun, let’s do that one day” thoughts which are not on paper and may or may not happen.   So…nope, no sheet of paper with the title “Things I really want to do” with a sub-title  of  “Must do or I will die unhappy” list taped to the fridge.  No, I have just two little dreams: 1 – is to write and 2 – is to play the piano again.  Both by the way, I am doing, well, the writing I am doing, s-l-o-w-l-y and the tinkling of the ivories, not at all.


It feels like cheating….

I confess, I broke down and bought an e-reader.  I’m running out of space.  The shelves are packed.  Full.  The storage boxes jammed.  And still I buy more.  Now I’m cheating on my books.  The poor things are languishing  while I gleefully read from my electronic library of books.  (more…)

I met a Betty…

Last week was a joyful week.  Not only did the Big Guy and I spend a week celebrating my birthday by riding bicycles over the Golden Gate bridge, eating great food and sipping excellent coffee, I met a Betty.  Not just any Betty…but the fabulous Julie, also known as Lunar Betty.  We are known as the Tall Canadians because we are just a bit taller than Julie.    Thinking about it now, we should have taken a photo of the four of us, Julie, Me, Dan and the Big Guy, totem pole style.  I wore platform sandals just to add a bit more height.  I want to be taller so I cheat sometimes.  Julie called me on it.


New day, month, door

In other words, it is the first of September and time for a new door photo.  The back story is here.  It’s the most birthday celebrations month, including mine.  Julie’s special day is on Sunday.  My dearest friend, Mary, who has  retired to Mexico, has her special day on  the 14th, a couple of very talented and creative women is the 17th, and on it goes to the end of the month.  All fabulous women, we will celebrate our birth days, our “welcome to the world, here I am in all my glory” day.

I love this door photo.  It looks like a great treasure is hidden behind this door.   It is another door from the former Residenz of  Bavarian monarchs in Munich.  If you get to Munich and you like history, go.  It is an amazing palace full of wonderful things.   Stay safe. Stay warm.  Stay loved.


Time for a change…

It really is time to change things up a bit.  It’s getting rather blah around the blog site.  I have a few options and one being “going dark.”  Perhaps, it is just the time of the year or the weather on the west coast is wet and cold, just plain grey.  No colour.  Or it is just the blue-ish grays because it is getting a little chilly in the evening and wow…we had NO summer.  The last three weeks is not enough time to be classified as a full season.   So… I’ll be tinkering with the categories, tweaking the colours, writing short and snappy, not short and sappy, although I may do that too and still remaining true to why I started the blog.

Mama is doing fine, bored, wants out of the chair,  knows me and  said she loves me at the end of my visits. Yeah!  I’ll be cutting her hair tomorrow and we all know how that has gone…usually with a few longer uneven bits and at least one “oops.”   Stay dry.

Body Art

I confess I am a bit fascinated with tattoos, not the sleeves on the arms or up and down the legs or the tatties snaking around the body, but, the  distinctive designs chosen with much thought.   A strategically placed piece of art on the body.  The whys and the wherefores interest me.  Why that design?  Why there on the body?  And, didn’t it hurt, a lot? (more…)

I’m back with an update…

It has been a long haul with Mother this past month and a half.  Who wants to read about “from bad to worse” scenes in a nursing home?  Not me.  I don’t want to write about it either, suffice to say dementia sucks.  Enough said.

Instead of the “weekend update” here is a little update on the lost ring and the July door.

Steve lost his wedding band on Jericho beach and we hoped it would show up using the metal detector.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Sadly it is lost forever unless in twenty years from now there is a wild story of how the ring was found and returned to Steve.  Aleha bought a new one for him as he was so bummed and couldn’t decide if he should have the same or another design made.  He is still losing things too.  His new Blackberry was stolen off the table  in a restaurant before his trip to New Orleans to meet up with his lovely wife.  The upside, they had a great time tasting all the wonderful food in the French Quarter.  He had the best sandwich and the best hamburger ever in his life, so far.  She had the best sandwich ever, four times.  As for the best meal, there were several contenders. They could not pick a winner.  Such foodies are my kiddies.  Love, love to have dinner made by our sons and daughter-in-laws.  Another upside to having adult children is they cook for us.

Celebrating summer, the July door is ~

A sunny summer day in Cinque Terre, Italy.  Love the dark green door with the flowers and the terra cotta pots.  Just lovely and you know I love all things Italian.

Stay safe and loved.