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One option …fade to black

I’ve been thinking about what to do with the blog.  One option is to fade to black.  Just shut it down but keep the name for a bit,  for when I hit on something worth sharing.  A few will miss me, others…not so much.  There is much work, home improvements and the garden chores to do.  Where is the sunshine?  It  is more like January than June.  It is summer, isn’t it?

So…what to do about the blog?  There are so many great sites or stealer’s of time depending on how much work I need to do.  I’ve not missed writing posts.  Rather like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about it later.  Hopefully some inspiring thought will strike.  If not, it will be….fade to black.

Last week we fished off the west coast of the island. I caught three fish.  Just as we were to turn back for the day, we saw two Orca pods heading out to the open ocean.

I give you whales.

Photo taken by:  Geri, cousin extraordinaire.


A sort-of bucket list…

Apparently I have one, a bucket list.  There are things I should do before I die according to the Big Guy.    I have more  “I should do that” or “That would be fun, let’s do that one day” thoughts which are not on paper and may or may not happen.   So…nope, no sheet of paper with the title “Things I really want to do” with a sub-title  of  “Must do or I will die unhappy” list taped to the fridge.  No, I have just two little dreams: 1 – is to write and 2 – is to play the piano again.  Both by the way, I am doing, well, the writing I am doing, s-l-o-w-l-y and the tinkling of the ivories, not at all.


It feels like cheating….

I confess, I broke down and bought an e-reader.  I’m running out of space.  The shelves are packed.  Full.  The storage boxes jammed.  And still I buy more.  Now I’m cheating on my books.  The poor things are languishing  while I gleefully read from my electronic library of books.  (more…)

New day, month, door

In other words, it is the first of September and time for a new door photo.  The back story is here.  It’s the most birthday celebrations month, including mine.  Julie’s special day is on Sunday.  My dearest friend, Mary, who has  retired to Mexico, has her special day on  the 14th, a couple of very talented and creative women is the 17th, and on it goes to the end of the month.  All fabulous women, we will celebrate our birth days, our “welcome to the world, here I am in all my glory” day.

I love this door photo.  It looks like a great treasure is hidden behind this door.   It is another door from the former Residenz of  Bavarian monarchs in Munich.  If you get to Munich and you like history, go.  It is an amazing palace full of wonderful things.   Stay safe. Stay warm.  Stay loved.


Time for a change…

It really is time to change things up a bit.  It’s getting rather blah around the blog site.  I have a few options and one being “going dark.”  Perhaps, it is just the time of the year or the weather on the west coast is wet and cold, just plain grey.  No colour.  Or it is just the blue-ish grays because it is getting a little chilly in the evening and wow…we had NO summer.  The last three weeks is not enough time to be classified as a full season.   So… I’ll be tinkering with the categories, tweaking the colours, writing short and snappy, not short and sappy, although I may do that too and still remaining true to why I started the blog.

Mama is doing fine, bored, wants out of the chair,  knows me and  said she loves me at the end of my visits. Yeah!  I’ll be cutting her hair tomorrow and we all know how that has gone…usually with a few longer uneven bits and at least one “oops.”   Stay dry.

Body Art

I confess I am a bit fascinated with tattoos, not the sleeves on the arms or up and down the legs or the tatties snaking around the body, but, the  distinctive designs chosen with much thought.   A strategically placed piece of art on the body.  The whys and the wherefores interest me.  Why that design?  Why there on the body?  And, didn’t it hurt, a lot? (more…)

a perfect scenario…

It’s a celebration day, Happy Mother’s Day to mamas and the soon to be mamas.  Hope your day will be wonderful.   There are 22 babies  to be born and have been born this year so far.  It appears to be the year of the baby.

I had a very surprizing visit with my mother on Thursday morning.  The scene rolls around in my head again and again.  It would be the perfect scenario if…


It’s just life…

All over the blogs and comments, it is just life. One day it’s a glass half-empty kind of day. The next, it’s a glass half-full.   It is just life.  And…my attitude.  (more…)

New Day…New Year

It is a gorgeous, crisp, sun shining day of the new year on the coastland. 2010, it was a year.  I am hoping 2011 will be a great year, even better, without any injuries.  I found many wonderful, talented women.  I started a YA novel.  The critiques of the first chapter were encouraging.   I have an idea for another book, not a YA.   So the rub, an emerging writer should stick to one genre.  Okay, then…. (more…)

It is not fair.

Life is not fair.  I know it. You know it. Most people know it.   Sometimes it is never-ending.  It never gives an inch, just keeps spiraling out.  Seriously.  Can we get a break here!  What lesson am I suppose to learning now, because I’ve been down this road before. (more…)