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In a blink…

Time zipped by since my last posting.  End of March, how did that happen?  I’ve been so busy playing in the writing sandbox, s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y writing, not blogging but that’s another post.

My beautiful “not-of-my-body” spiritual daughter started a new blog, UNDER THE TEA COZY.  A delightful young woman, wife,  mother of three, talented musician and she cooks!  Friday night, (more…)


Wonderful weekend…

Everyone needs a break.  A get-away from stress.  A get-away from life.  A cocoon of rest and lovely people and, oh, a few tears.   A get-away to re-connect with old friends and my not-of-my-body daughters.   (more…)

… paying & praying it forward …

 Free ~  parking & prayer

 Today a very sweet gentleman gave me his parking ticket… good to 10:57 AM.  He would not accept any money for it.  I was able to park free for the half hour I was in the Doc’s office.  Thank you, kind Sir. 

It is official I have torn the backside of the meniscus, left knee.  I tripped over the power head of the vacuum earlier this year.  Left knee hit the floor first, then the hands, then the pain.  I laid on the floor for a good five minutes… not swearing, (thank you, I did contain my temper).  Just breathing deeply and talking to God.  “Oh God, Oh God, please don’t let it be broken!”  It is always amazing when something traumatic causes us to call out to God.  Or not.  Me, I call out – it is often my fervent prayer of “HELP!”  “I am in a mess again.”  Thankfully the knee cap was not broken.  “Thank you, God.”  So… no operation is required, for now, just strengthen the muscles around the knee and I am good to go.

... from the rising of the sun ...

... from the rising of the sun ...

 My dear friend, Pam, in Northern California took this photograph.  I love this photo. The telephone pole looks like a cross, high on a hill.  Solitary. 

Pam’s sister had a  very serious motorcycle accident when racing on Sunday.  A head injury.  She is awake and talking…  pray for complete recovery.    Really, it works!  Really!  There are studies proving it works.

“A full recovery for Lisa.”