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Last Day….

It’s the last day and what have I learned?  I thought it was the same song, same verse, stuck in neutral with plans to move forward, exactly how I felt last year on this day.  But…I changed my mind.  Everywhere there is the year in review playing the good and the bad.  I’ve decided not to review the bad, only the good.  The good to surpass everything: a new dog, Marlowe, who lives with #1 Son & DIL   and the birth of a darling baby girl for parents #2 Son and DIL.  Our sweet grand-daughter, Gray is a beauty with a full head of hair, a serious countenance and smile to melt the coldest of hearts.

Mom had several downward spirals.  My family, as always, the best.  Old friends, new friends;  loved and  appreciated.  Trips to Tahiti, Portland and New York City.  Three writing conferences.   My friend, Pam and I roomed together in NYC.    Met favourite authors: Robyn Carr and Jenny Crusie.  Loved Jennifer’s collage workshop and Michael Hauge is always excellent.  Three UBC creative writing classes.   Ten pounds up and ten pounds down.  A 40th high school reunion which turned out to be great fun and the only reunion I’ve ever attended.   An in-law health crisis.  Traveled by train to Portland, Eugene and San Francisco.  Met Julie.  Rode the Golden Gate Bridge on my best birthday ever according to the Big Guy.   AND… one  beautiful baby granddaughter.   A very good year.

My year in review.

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Hoping this coming year brings many blessings and much love to your life.

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay warm.


Where’s the logic?

Astonished. Astounded. I failed to see the logic.  I was speechless, absolutely surprised at the request to bring in a psychiatrist for mother.  I know.  Without words. Mouth open for about two seconds.  My mother will not talk to a psychiatrist, be they woman or man, especially man. (more…)

Another writing class, again…

Back to feeding my spirit in the Creative Writing Center at UBC.   New classmates and old classmates, now friends, get to play in the writing sandbox.  The instructor always starts the class with a writing exercise, much to the chagrin of some.  Not me.  It is playtime… (more…)

1st week, a two-step dance

One week done.  Fifty-one to go.   Will this year be full of adventure or the constant two-step dance?  Sounds a bit depressing doesn’t it.   I read once or did I hear it;  there is a term “it’s all in the presentation” so I need to have a new phrase to goose me along.  I’m going to keep the up-coming vacation front and center while I do the mundane, that should help as we are back to, “You are not my child.”    O-kay!  Got it, go every day for mama to remember me.  This new phase in her mental state is anger.  It is a two-step dance with no dip in sight. 

Had some great meals out this week.  Savouring good food with family is like a little dip and a twirl in the dance.  Lovely Greek dinner with Geoff and Nicole on Friday night.   Off to Germany for schnitzel last night with our “not-of-our-bodies” children.  We always have a good laugh and wonder how lucky we are to have these people in our lives.   Our first-born had a birthday this weekend.  Love our boy.  I am very blessed.

First born, handsome son.

Stay safe, warm and very much-loved.

It is not fair.

Life is not fair.  I know it. You know it. Most people know it.   Sometimes it is never-ending.  It never gives an inch, just keeps spiraling out.  Seriously.  Can we get a break here!  What lesson am I suppose to learning now, because I’ve been down this road before. (more…)

Wonderful weekend…

Everyone needs a break.  A get-away from stress.  A get-away from life.  A cocoon of rest and lovely people and, oh, a few tears.   A get-away to re-connect with old friends and my not-of-my-body daughters.   (more…)

In the writing sandbox…

I played in the writing sandbox over the weekend, on Whidbey Island.  I didn’t write very much, as in getting the story on paper.  I did work on the conflict box, why would the reader care, why should I care, the story in one sentence, and the world of publishing at the Warrior Writers Weekend with Bob Mayer.  My friend, Pam, from north eastern California came too.  We did have fun!   (more…)

a new bauble…

So…in response to yesterday’s rant, which I wrote on Friday night, let it marinate a bit, and, then, hit the publish button.  You know…you just know Guilt is going rear up, stand up, front and center, hands on hips, and say, “I told you so!”   Isn’t that always the way things go.  One gets all twisted and angry, spews all over the world, then, sits back in righteous pride, gloats, looks wonderful, then, BAM, deflated like balloon and feels very small for ranting. 

I have a new bauble, a lovely sterling silver ring.  See, fits like a glove. 

shiny new ring

It’s shiny. It’s pretty.  It’s me.  Bold, but, not an in your face kind of bold.  This is a gift for being such a great nurse-maid to my healing, post-op relative.   Did she just pay it forward?  Yeah, I guess she did. 

Now, I feel like such a sh** for ranting.  Oh well, life goes on, pack up the guilt and carry on.  Look, shiny, new silver ring. 

Now, get back to work.   Enjoy your day. Stay safe. Stay loved.


I am making notes.  All kinds of notes.  Notes on calendars.  Notes on post-its.  Notes on back of envelopes.  Notes for the sons.  Notes to “do not forget or you will die,” well, maybe not die, but, serious retribution might happen.  Not the Apocalypse.  Close.  Serious stuff.  (more…)