Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

An update on Mother ~

Up: she knows me  and we have had some lovely conversations.

Down: not drinking or eating and I’m not her daughter, again.

I really think she is just being obstinate as only she can be.  Tonight, she gave me the ‘once over’ look, well…the once over the face ‘look’ with the “I’m not going to cooperate” expression and then she said it; “You are not my daughter!”  Right.  There was a little lift of the lips.  Ha, not fooling me, Mom.  I had to laugh which shocked the care aid.  What?  I’m not suppose to recognize when my mother is being obtuse.  Mama understood she is about to become a great-grandmother very soon.  The mind was all there.  So it was good, even if I wasn’t her daughter and I kissed her hand three times which brought a smile to eyes and lips.  Tonight was the ‘good’ in the long-term care saga.

Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mine was grand.  More about my four days at the SiWC later.  Also known as the Surrey international Writers Conference.  Also a roller coaster ride of confidence in my writing.  Yes, Lani, I am a great writer.    There.  Stay safe.


A sort-of bucket list…

Apparently I have one, a bucket list.  There are things I should do before I die according to the Big Guy.    I have more  “I should do that” or “That would be fun, let’s do that one day” thoughts which are not on paper and may or may not happen.   So…nope, no sheet of paper with the title “Things I really want to do” with a sub-title  of  “Must do or I will die unhappy” list taped to the fridge.  No, I have just two little dreams: 1 – is to write and 2 – is to play the piano again.  Both by the way, I am doing, well, the writing I am doing, s-l-o-w-l-y and the tinkling of the ivories, not at all.

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It feels like cheating….

I confess, I broke down and bought an e-reader.  I’m running out of space.  The shelves are packed.  Full.  The storage boxes jammed.  And still I buy more.  Now I’m cheating on my books.  The poor things are languishing  while I gleefully read from my electronic library of books.  Read the rest of this entry »

I met a Betty…

Last week was a joyful week.  Not only did the Big Guy and I spend a week celebrating my birthday by riding bicycles over the Golden Gate bridge, eating great food and sipping excellent coffee, I met a Betty.  Not just any Betty…but the fabulous Julie, also known as Lunar Betty.  We are known as the Tall Canadians because we are just a bit taller than Julie.    Thinking about it now, we should have taken a photo of the four of us, Julie, Me, Dan and the Big Guy, totem pole style.  I wore platform sandals just to add a bit more height.  I want to be taller so I cheat sometimes.  Julie called me on it.

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Pardon me?

My mother never swore or very rarely used swear words when I was a child.  Once in a while she would swear.  This was always a surprise to me.  My mother knew swear words and even more astounding, she said them.   Mother is very proper.   She always used big words ,  words to get her meaning across to me.  Mom also corrected my pronunciation and told me what the word meant and how to use it.  Swearing was not part of our speech.  Today was a different story. Read the rest of this entry »

Downward spiral…

Staying true to my journal “of sorts” as this blog has become, I am returning to the good, bad and ugly life in a long-term care residence.  There have been many changes in the facility.  One very good change according to the memo; the hiring of more staff.  Thank you!  Truly, there is not enough staff to care for the residents.  Some, including my mother, cried out in distress and did not seem to get much response from staff.   I’m hoping more staff means more care or should I say more “aware” care.

Mama is spiraling down to the next level of being.  She is sleeping a lot, not eating  much, very anxious or very silent or stuck in first gear when she does speak. Read the rest of this entry »

New day, month, door

In other words, it is the first of September and time for a new door photo.  The back story is here.  It’s the most birthday celebrations month, including mine.  Julie’s special day is on Sunday.  My dearest friend, Mary, who has  retired to Mexico, has her special day on  the 14th, a couple of very talented and creative women is the 17th, and on it goes to the end of the month.  All fabulous women, we will celebrate our birth days, our “welcome to the world, here I am in all my glory” day.

I love this door photo.  It looks like a great treasure is hidden behind this door.   It is another door from the former Residenz of  Bavarian monarchs in Munich.  If you get to Munich and you like history, go.  It is an amazing palace full of wonderful things.   Stay safe. Stay warm.  Stay loved.


Time for a change…

It really is time to change things up a bit.  It’s getting rather blah around the blog site.  I have a few options and one being “going dark.”  Perhaps, it is just the time of the year or the weather on the west coast is wet and cold, just plain grey.  No colour.  Or it is just the blue-ish grays because it is getting a little chilly in the evening and wow…we had NO summer.  The last three weeks is not enough time to be classified as a full season.   So… I’ll be tinkering with the categories, tweaking the colours, writing short and snappy, not short and sappy, although I may do that too and still remaining true to why I started the blog.

Mama is doing fine, bored, wants out of the chair,  knows me and  said she loves me at the end of my visits. Yeah!  I’ll be cutting her hair tomorrow and we all know how that has gone…usually with a few longer uneven bits and at least one “oops.”   Stay dry.

Body Art

I confess I am a bit fascinated with tattoos, not the sleeves on the arms or up and down the legs or the tatties snaking around the body, but, the  distinctive designs chosen with much thought.   A strategically placed piece of art on the body.  The whys and the wherefores interest me.  Why that design?  Why there on the body?  And, didn’t it hurt, a lot? Read the rest of this entry »

I have found joy in writing.  It takes me off the current roller coaster ride which is my life this year.  I have taken the same creative writing course over and over at UBC.  I love my instructor and many of my classmates have become writing friends as well as being great writers.  Every Thursday afternoon for two months I play in the writing sandbox.    It is joyous.  It is music to my soul.  It is inspiring.   And, I forget my troubles for two and half hours.

This session, I submitted a personal essay, “How I Write” and a series of “Letters to my Siblings and God” and a poem.  I love my “found”  poem.  It was short and sensual without being clichéd.   Read the rest of this entry »